Acquire BETTYS and/or BETTYTKN

To participate in BettyBets you must have BETTYS in your wallet.

Go to your Wallet.

In the first tab you will see the BETTYS you have available and below you will be able to select the currency you wish to acquire.

Remember that you can only play with BETTYS, the BETTYTKN can be used to fund your BettyBets wallet or to exchange them for other crypto tokens.

Once you have selected to buy BETTYS, you need to indicate the amount: you can type it in or use the slider bar. When you click on the purchase button, you will be able to choose the payment method you prefer to use:

  • PayPal

  • With cryptocurrencies via ForumPay

  • MercadoPago (only for Argentina)

Then, you will be taken out of Bettybets to proceed with the operation. Within a few minutes you will be able to see the transaction reflected in your movements.

Another way to acquire BETTYS is by using your BETTYTKN. In the second tab of your Bettybets wallet, you will find the Coin Converter. Once you connect your Metamask wallet, you will select your tokens and press the Convert BETTYTKN to BETTYS button, choose the amount and continue the operation with Metamask.

Here is a Guide in case you have any doubts.

For every 2 BETTYS purchased you will receive 1 day of Premium User. And for every 10 BETTYS you will get 1 re-bet. You can use the re-bets to bet multiple times on the same bet and increase your percentage of participation in it. (Not valid for BETTYS obtained by conversion)

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