BettyTokens are an ERC20 (Smart Contact) token that operates on the Binance network (BSC).

The contract address is: 0xfbcb5dd382ded57b48df92efc4cc58732d28a971

Link to the Cyberscope Smart Audit:

BettyTokens (BETTYTKN) were created for BettyBets users to convert their BETTYS into a token that they can use outside the platform, in the crypto market and/or in other projects that decide to adopt the token for their transactions.

The price of the token is variable and subject to market fluctuations and/or liquidity.

Our goal is to eventually achieve parity and stability between the value of both tokens. To achieve this our strategy consists mainly of 3 points:

1 - Promote arbitrage, i.e. that the community buys BETTYTKN whenever its price is lower than that of BETTYS , and sells whenever the price rises above the price of BETTYS .

2 - Increase liquidity in the PancakeSwap pool. The more liquidity the token has, the lower its price fluctuations will be.

3 - Gradually increase the percentage of users who use BETTYTKN to acquire BETTYS , since this makes it possible to avoid the costly commissions applied by payment processors when using FIAT currency.

BETTYTKN have a 1:1 ratio with respect to BETTYS . This means that, within the platform, each BETTYTKN can be converted to 1 BETTY and vice versa.

The platform charges a 2% commission only when converting BETTYS to BETTYTKN.

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