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Currency Conversion

Instructions on how to use the Bettybets Currency Converter from a PC browser.
To convert from mobile devices, follow these instructions.
Go to the Currency Converter
Currency Converter Icon
located in the second tab of your Bettybets wallet.
There you would be able to convert BETTYS to BETTYTKN and vice versa.
First: make sure you have the Metamask extension installed in your browser and that you have BNB to cover the transaction cost. What is the gas and how to get it?
BETTYTKN operate on the Binance (BSC) network. So, you need to add the Binance network to Metamask. Go to the network selector:
Network Selector
Click on "Add Network"
Fill in the fields with the data provided below ↓
Network name
Chain ID
Coin symbol
Block explorer URL
BSC Mainnet
Need help? Follow the Binance Academy instructions to connect to the network.
Or maybe you prefer to follow the indications of MoneyZG
Tutorial to connect Metamask to the BSC network by MoneyZG
Once on the the BSC network, click on Import Tokens:
Click on "Import tokens"
Fill in the blanks with the data provided below ↓
Now complete with the following data:
Token contract address
Token symbol
Token Decimals
That's it! Once you have completed these steps, you would be able to exchange the convertible Bettys you have in your wallet for BETTYTKN. You have to select Bettys and then press the
button, choose the amount and continue the operation with Metamask. You can also do the reverse operation.