Create Bets

Make sure you have BETTYS in your wallet to create a bet that looks tempting 🤑.

What you have to keep in mind when creating a bet to be accepted by the moderators is the following:

  • Be as specific as possible about your bet, do not leave anything to interpretation.

  • The result must be easily verifiable on the internet, you can provide a source (link) in the description.

  • Check the dates thoroughly: Leave a window of time between the closing of bets and the day/time of definition of the result of your bet (so you don't spoil it). Examples: - A soccer match starts at 3:00 p.m. The closing time should be set at that moment, and the end time, approximately, two hours later, counting halftime and overtimes. - If the bet is about the possible resignation of an authority, keep in mind that the closing date will be tentative, the result could be known earlier and the users could play knowing the result. It wouldn't make sense to set the closing and end dates too close together.

  • The title and description should be clear and mustn't contradict each other.

  • The image has to be related to the theme of the bet. Also, you can add a video ( you just need to paste the ID of the YouTube link in the indicated field)

And of course: bets cannot contain phrases or images that provide someone else's personal information (telephone, address, e-mail), or that could be considered as racist or discriminatory, violent, pornographic or that refer to the life or death of a person.

TIP: Create interesting bets, if the outcome is too obvious everyone will bet the same and no one will win anything, make sure there really is a chance that the outcome can be either YEAH! or NAHH!

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