How do I know which are my Convertible Bettys?

Your Convertible Bettys are the result of your earned and purchased Bettys minus your spent and free Bettys.

(Bettys Earned + Purchased) - (Bettys Spent + Free) = Convertible Bettys

The Free Bettys correspond to those obtained as a reward from the Beta stage mission system, now removed, or as a welcome gift from the site. You can play with them but you will only be able to convert the gains generated.

Spent Bettys are the ones you have used to create or play on a bet that you later lost.

This means that your Wallet Balance and Convertible Balance may defer. You may have a Wallet Balance of 300 Bettys but your Convertible Balance could be 0 Bettys. Therefore, the 300 Bettys you see in your wallet are actually Free Bettys.

You can always exchange your purchased Bettys... unless you've lost them 🤷🏻

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