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Currency Conversion (Mobile Version)

Instructions on how to use the Bettybets Currency Converter from mobile devices (Momentary fix)
For those users who have requested us to be able to convert their coins from their mobile device, we have found a temporary fix. We work on making it possible for you to do it directly from the Bettybets app very soon.
To get started, you must have Brave Browser installed. We will use the Brave wallet to make the transaction.
1 - Metamask configuration
2 - Set up your wallet in Brave
Ideally, you should already have created your account in the Metamask app and added the token. Follow these steps to configure it:
BETTYTKNs operate on the Binance network (BSC).
If you don't have it added in Metamask, you must add it by clicking on "Wallet" to select or add a new network. A list will open so you can select it.
Once in the Binance network, you must select "Import/add Tokens" at the bottom of the screen, then select the "Custom token" tab and fill in the following data:
Token contract address
Token symbol
Token Decimals
Now you are ready to go to Brave!
Once in Brave, you must enter the menu, choose the Wallet and select "Restore" to log in with your Metamask Recovery Phrase. Follow these steps:
Open the menu
Select Wallet
Choose BSC Smart Chain
If you don't see the token, go to "Edit visible assets"
Click on "Add custom asset"
Fill in with the token data (check Step 1)
Without leaving Brave, log in to Bettybets and in the Conversor section connect to Metamask.
Select your account
Sign in
From the Brave browser, search and log in to Bettybets (open it in a new tab to stay in the browser) and got to the Currency Converter
Currency Converter Icon
located in your Bettybets Wallet. When connecting to Metamask, Brave will display an alert that you must click on in order to sign in (Image N°5) and select your account.
Now you can continue from our Converter.
Make sure you have enough BNB to cover the transaction cost. What is the gas and how to get it?​
Once you have completed these steps, you would be able to exchange the convertible Bettys you have in your wallet for BETTYTKN. You have to select BETTYS and then press the Convert BETTYS to BETTYTKN button, choose the amount and continue the operation with Metamask. You can also do the reverse operation.
This is a temporary method we have found to allow our mobile device users to convert their currencies without the need to access a computer.