Why was the bet I created rejected?

The reasons why a bet can be rejected by the moderators can be:

  • The end date (when the result is defined) was set for before the result can be verified

  • The closing date (until when it can be played) was set so that there is not enough time left to participate, or it was set within the time in which the result will probably already be publicly known.

  • The images or phrases of the bet contain racism, xenophobia or any type of discrimination, violence, pornography, or attempt against the life of any person.

  • The creator did not clearly specify what his position is. If the title and/or description of the bet is posed in a question-like, uncertain or tricky manner, the moderators may not be able to determine who actually won.

  • The result of the bet cannot be verified, since it is subject to debate or opinion. You must answer yes or no.

  • The title, the details and the image and/or video of the bet are not consistent with each other.

You can check this guide to create a success of a bet!

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