The following is an explanation of how and what commissions are applied to betting winnings

We call the total prize that the user receives once he/she wins a bet, however, commissions are only applied to the winnings and not to the total prize. If there is no winnings, as in the case of a tie bet, the BETTYS will be returned to the players and no commission will be applied.

Example: The user bets 20 and receives a prize of 50. The commissions are only applied on the 30 BETTYS of profit and not on the total.

In case of a prize distribution, 10% of the winnings are distributed as follows:

  • 1% to the creator of the bet, regardless of the prediction made.

  • 3% to be distributed among the moderators.

  • 6% is taken out of circulation.

The BETTYS taken out of circulation, together with the 2% commission applied to BETTYS to BETTYTKN conversions, are the ways in which the platform supports its service.

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